IT Consulting

We have several technicians available to help, backed by senior engineers with over 15 years of experience.

OACYS Technology has been helping California Central Valley businesses with their IT needs for over 20 years. We can provide assistance for the many different IT needs of your business as you see fit. If you prefer to handle the responsibility of your network internally and need assistance with more advanced tasks this service is for you.

Examples of work: hardware troubleshooting, software installation, server setup, data migration, VPN setup, & MUCH more!

Hourly RatesWireless CustomerNon-Customer
Technician – On‑site and remote$105 / hour$125 / hour
Technician – Urgent / after-hours$155 / hour$185 / hour
Senior Engineer – On‑site and remote$155 / hour$175 / hour
Senior Engineer – Urgent / after-hours$225 / hour$255 / hour

We also have fully Managed IT Services available if you would prefer to have us monitor and manage your network for you. Please refer to our Managed IT Services page for more information.

The pricing above reflects a discounted rate for customers subscribing to our business-class Wireless Internet service. Billing for on-site service is from the time tech leaves the office until the tech returns.