Powerful. Reliable. Local. Fixed Wireless Internet.

Speeds starting at 10 Mbps for $49.95 per month, with custom plans available up to 1 Gbps. Plus, with OACYS there are NO contracts or early termination fees—ever!

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Gigabit Internet is here!

Fiber-optics is the best technology in the world for delivering internet, allowing for faster speeds, more bandwidth, and reliability than any other option.

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Get VoIP phone service for only $24.95 per month and Business VoIP with rollover lines starting at only $29.95 per month—all with unlimited local and long-distance calling.

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Managed IT Contracts

Let our experienced technicians monitor and manage your network, keeping it running as smoothly, so you forget about IT concerns and focus on your business!

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“Why do I have to work with SOOO many companies for my Internet, phone, and IT?”

Well, you DON’T! Why hassle with multiple companies when you can work with just ONE? OACYS is the only local, full-service provider that offers the area’s most reliable Internet connection, the area’s only hosted voice provider, and leader in data security, data back-up, and network management, that helps your business stay protected and also meet HIPAA standards.

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