BoostMax Plans & Pricing

Introducing NEW BoostMax Internet Plans

Speeds starting at 20 Mbps and custom plans available up to 1Gbps.
Introducing OACYS Technology’s new “BoostMax” Internet Plans, the revolutionary Internet plan designed to take your online experience to new heights! With OACYS BoostMax plans, we’ll boost your Internet speeds, providing you with an unmatched online experience at NO EXTRA COST!

One-Time Fee of $100.00 for Installation on all BoostMax plans.

Also, With OACYS there are no contracts or early termination fees!

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  1. *Usage is counted for the last 30 days, excluding any activity between 12am and 6am. For any time when usage is below stated GB amount, the Speed Boost will be available. There is never any additional cost or fees related to usage.
  2. Alpine, Camp Nelson, and Pierpoint areas use Mountain Service plans starting at $69.95 per month.
  3. Service availability must be confirmed by a site survey. Please enter a free no-obligation wireless reservation, or check with our office regarding coverage in your specific location. To see alternate wireless plan types Click Here.