Managed Wi-Fi

Smarter WiFi, happier home.
Meet Minim, OACYS Technology’s premium WiFi app.

Minim is a new add-on to OACYS Technology’s existing internet service plans. Now you can easily manage your devices, parental controls, network security, and more.

Finally, everything just works

Free your home from dropped signals and buffering videos! With Minim, you can:

  • Manage your router
  • Test your network health
  • See who’s home
  • Get new device joining alerts


Total internet control

Over 60% of parents monitor the websites their children visit, but things are getting trickier with more and more devices at their fingertips. With Minim, you can:

  • Create family profiles
  • Monitor device activity
  • Pause internet by profile
  • Filter adult content

Secure your privacy and data

Did you know that a new smart speaker will experience an attack within 5 minutes of connecting to the internet? With Minim, you can protect all your devices:

  • Router security
  • 7-point vulnerability scans
  • Alerts and recommendations
  • Device admission control

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