Ask us, and of course we’ll say yes! But don’t take our word for it, just listen to what our customers have to say about our wireless internet service and customer support team. We receive many very nice comments from our subscribers, here are a few. All quoted comments are from unsolicited customer feedback. Not enough to convince you that our service is right for you? Give us a call at our office or stop by and talk to our staff about any questions you may have to see what we can do for you.

  •     Reliable Internet Service

  •     100% Local Customer Service

  •     Email, Computer Repair and Other Services


Reliable Internet Service:

“Your service is great! I was with another local wireless ISP previously and had nothing but problems. OCS is very professional and you have superb customer service.” -J/KH

“Performance is so much better than our last wireless service. Thanks for making the effort to help our small communities stay connected!” -RS

“Your Blue Ridge wireless service is great! I had satellite before and OCS is so much better.” –TW

“Our company has several business clients who are having too many problems and reliability issues with [another wireless ISP], and we like to refer them to OCS because we know your reputation.” –KM

“You guys really have your act together. I’ve had ISPs throughout California and OCS has the best system, it’s reliable and fast. I appreciate your service!” –EM

“I recently became one of your wireless customers and I am thrilled. Your field engineer was very effective in answering my questions and setting up my system. I learned about you from my neighbor, who has been bragging about her wireless service for a year.” –KB

“I recently switched from [another wireless ISP] to OCS. They experienced many outages yet never provided an explanation to their customers. I thought my computer wasn’t working right but their tech support was unable to help. I finally got answers, but they were so simplistic it was as if they thought their customers were unable to understand. I have had OCS email accounts for years and I knew your reputation, so when you installed your tower in Lindsay I jumped at the chance to change. This is what makes your company, in my opinion, one of the finest Internet providers of all.” –RR

“I am so happy with my OACYS service. This is the fastest service I have ever had out here in the country. Thank you thank you thank you, I will tell everyone about you!” –TJ

“Thank you so much for going the extra mile to get wireless service to us, we love it!” -MR
100% Local Customer Service:

“Many friends pushed me to switch to OCS. Your service and customer support are 1000% better than my previous local ISP … you actually want to help your customers!” –JH

“You have a first-class company. It seems in today’s world that customer service is a thing of the past. This is not so with OCS, you are a one-in-a-million company.” –EH

“If I need help I can come by or call and you are always willing to assist me. This is the reason I stay with a local company.” –CC

“I had an email issue today and wanted to let you know that everyone I know who has OCS really appreciates that they can talk to a live person and that you are so helpful.” –JS

“I am very satisfied with your service. I‘m happy that you have staff to answer the phone personally when I have a problem. You guys beat everyone else to pieces!” –SF

“OCS is beyond comparison with any other ISP. Excellence in service and customer care is rare these days.” -LN
Email, Computer Repair and Other Services:

“I am very pleased with your service and just wanted to say Thank You for keeping all that spam out of my computer, I really appreciate it…” –MR

“Wireless performance is terrific, and we especially appreciate how you got our company email and spam problems cleaned up. Everyone in your office who helped during the transition was very knowledgeable and professional.” –JC

“Thanks for all your great services. I’ve been with OCS since 1995 and would never think of changing, you are the best ISP anywhere. I’ve recommended many friends and family to change to you, and not one has regretted doing so.” –KL

“We are very happy to be OCS customers. I especially appreciate your efforts to shield my mailbox from the hordes of spammers who are trying so unrelentingly to get my attention!” –DP

“Your spam filtering is phenomenal. I’ve talked to friends who have other services and OCS seems to be way ahead of the game as far as blocking spam. I don’t know what your trick is, but I am very happy with it.” –JS

“OCS has always provided the ultimate in cutting edge technology and your customer service is none less than superb. Again my thanks for your excellent service and personal touch. OCS is an outstanding service, thank you for your efforts!” –LN

“Thank you, thank you for all your help in getting my I-Pad back working and making me a happy camper. You all are so kind and eager to help me.” –JS

“Hello, I just saw the most recent Quarantine Report and want to thank you and the staff working on your filters…doing an excellent job! I just cannot imagine how I would cope with opening up my inbox and seeing all those spams and phishing. Keep up the excellent vigilance!” – AL

“I want to thank You & Your business for the excellent service that your technician provided me this morning. He quickly solved my problems & I was on my way.” -JW