Office Remodeling in Progress

Over the past several years, OACYS Technology has built towers, upgraded wireless equipment, increased our staff, added vehicles to our fleet and upgraded or added many other components to our wireless infrastructure.  Many of these upgrades can’t be physically seen by our customer base, but the upgrades can often be felt through increased reliability, speeds and bandwidth.  While it is our primary focus to continually reinvest in our network operations and will improve performance, occasionally we take the time to give a face lift to our office and work space for our employees.

If you have been in our office the past couple of days, the sound of hammering, the buzzing of a saw and the smell of paint has most likely been noticeable.  The recent purchase of the company, by Ryan & Joslyn Walker, has set this main office remodel in motion.  In 2014 we gave the office exterior a much needed upgrade with new wood facing and a fresh coat of paint.  In 2015 we gave the large lighted pole sign a new look as well as adding eye-popping signage along the eastern face of the building.  Finally in 2016, we are expanding the office to accommodate more staff as well as giving the interior a fresh new look.

We hope you can excuse the noise and dust while we finish this phase of remodeling. We promise the new look will be worth it! Not only will it bring the office a new look, but with a more comfortable work area and added work space for additional employees, it will allow our staff the room to continue to grow comfortably and continue to provide our customers with the great customer service and support you have all become accustomed too.