Managed Routers Now Available!

We get several questions from customers about routers – Wireless G, N, AC, Gigabit, Wired – what do I need for quality Wi-Fi in our home? DSL Modem? Cable Modem? Are those compatible with your service?  These are just some of the common questions we are asked by potential and existing customers.

For years, we have taken the approach that the customer should have the option to purchase the router they felt would best serve their needs. While we were happy to offer suggestions, and spend time discussing options based off their needs, ultimately the choice was left to the customer.  Then while onsite installing our wireless Internet service, our technicians would offer to configure the router and help connect all the devices to ensure each device was able to get online.

If a customer calls in with a problem, we are quickly able to troubleshoot the connection down to the radio on the customer rooftop, but if the problem is with the customer router or in-house wireless it can be more difficult to identify among the variety of router makes and models, and what limited troubleshooting info those provide.  We want to go that extra mile and ensure the service we provide can work all the way out to the devices spread across the home.

Our solution? We are now offering Managed Routers to all of our customers! What makes our routers different than the Netgear or Linksys router you can find at Wal Mart or Target? For starters, we are offering this router at a low monthly charge rather than needing to spend well over $50 for a high-end router that doesn’t include configuration or advanced support and troubleshooting. Our technicians will deliver and configure these routers for you and make sure all the devices in home are able to connect. This eliminates the question of what router to purchase as we guarantee service compatibility as these routers are optimized specifically for our service.

And as a major benefit our Managed Router options allow troubleshooting visibility into your home network which allows us to see each device connecting to the router. This provides detailed information about signal strength to each device, advanced troubleshooting for dropped connections and a faster resolution for other internal network issues, to ensure we can provide the best assistance possible with any performance problem. On top of that, if the managed router we are providing fails and needs to be replaced, we will configure and replace it for you for free.

We are excited to be able to offer this to all of our customers as it will give us a powerful tool to ensure your home network is preforming the way you would expect. When problems do arise, faster solutions will be provided and we no longer have to recommend you purchase an expensive router to replace the one that is giving you problems!

For more information about this service and how it can benefit you, give us a call at (559)781-4123 or email us at and a customer service representative will be happy to answer any questions you may have.