OACYS Wireless Internet

OACYS Wireless Internet

The fastest wireless broadband service in the area! Wireless provides an “always-on” connection, no cable or telephone lines are required, and speeds are much faster. The distance limitations of cable and DSL do not apply, wireless pricing is lower, and equipment is included. Complete the short form below to place a reservation and schedule a free no-obligation wireless survey!

I am interested in the following wireless plan type:
Plan Type Speed 1 Monthly 2,3 Basic 5.0 Mbps $49.95 Premium 8.0 Mbps $79.95 PremiumPlus 12.5 Mbps $99.95 Business 10.0 Mbps $129.95 Professional 15.0 Mbps $159.95 Corporate 20.0 Mbps $199.95 Enterprise 25.0 Mbps $249.95 Mountains (Alpine, Pierpoint, Camp Nelson) Varies – Call Us $69.95 I don’t know yet, I’ll decide later…
1. Typical best actual download speed.
2. Requires $100 installation fee. Cost of install fee may be spread over 2 months on approval.
3. For Yokohl Valley, Balch Park, Bear Creek and Success Valley areas, add a $10 monthly rural service fee to the selected plan type.
Acceptable Use Policy
Network Disclosure
Landlord Auth Form
Just complete this form to place a tentative reservation for wireless service and a free onsite survey. This is not a commitment, it will simply schedule the preliminary step that is necessary to test the suitability of your specific location for wireless service.