Employee Spotlight Series – Meet Jose!

Name: Jose M.

Position: Consulting Technician

Jose has the been part of the family here since July of 2017 and has proven to be a quick learner. Fresh out of school, Jose quickly took what he learned in the classroom and under guidance from the rest of our consulting department, began applying that knowledge in the field. He continues to jump at the opportunity to get in on a project and help our customers at their homes or business.  When Jose isn’t out in the field fixing routing issues, internal network problems and computer issues, he’s a big help to our customer service department. He helps take calls and works on more complex support calls dealing with a client’s router configuration or connectivity issues.  Although Jose has only been with us for a short period of time, we are excited about his future here with us and look forward to seeing to him continue his steady growth as a consulting technician.

Growing up, Jose and his family traveled a lot to visit relatives in Mexico. He enjoyed that time together and likes spending his time away from work by hanging out with friends and family. Whether it is around a bonfire, at the beach or playing board games, he considers it time well spent. Jose also loves playing volleyball and has a competitive spirit when it’s game time.  When he’s looking for something a little less competitive he enjoys video games, collecting old comic books and creative writing.