Employee Spotlight Series – Meet Diane!

Name: Diane P.

Position: Bookkeeper

This month we are celebrating the 17-year anniversary for Diane joining our OACYS team! Diane has spent the past 17 years helping out in finance department overseeing payment entries, handling billing, invoicing and payroll.  Throughout the years she’s been a reliable source of information for our customer service department to help answer any questions customers have about billing and account information.  Diane has been an amazing employee for so long, we wouldn’t know what to do without her! She has a keen eye for making sure our books are balanced and has helped keep track of every penny earned and spent over all these years. It’s also no secret that she has good eye for picking the winning lottery scratchers as well!  It goes without saying that words can’t express the gratitude we share for Diane for all the years of service and loyalty she has given to the company.

Diane’s biggest enjoyment outside of work is spending time with her family.  She has four grand children that she is very close with and enjoys keeping up with their activities.  Between school and sports events, she always has something planned throughout the week that keeps her on the go. When she does have free time or looking to get away, she enjoys taking road trips with the family to either the mountains or over to the coast.