Employee Spotlight Series – Meet Crystian!

Name: Crystian C.

Position: Field Operations Manager

Crystian has been with OACYS since 2007.  He started as a wireless field technician installing client radios on a daily basis.  As the company grew, Crystian advanced quickly as he worked on tower projects and in short order took on the responsibility of Tower Operations Manager to oversee the large network of radios used to serve wireless Internet across the valley.  He is also the OACYS Field Ops Manager, supervising our install crews as well as tower crews.  Chris is a very sharp technician, and in addition to all of the above responsibilities he is a Senior Network Engineer that sets up and works with all of our core routers and switches.  When there is a problem that can’t be resolved by the rest of the team, Chris dives in and quickly gets to the bottom of the issue to get it resolved.  Chris is a great asset to our company in many different ways, and we look forward to at least another 11 years with him in our management team.

Outside of work, Crystian’s hobbies and interests usually include his wife, son and extended family. He likes having his family over to enjoy game nights, playing soccer and volleyball together and of course BBQ. While he’s busy mixing new spices together for a new rub, he’s cheering on the SF Giants. When time permits, Crystian and his family enjoying heading out of town to San Francisco to catch a game in person and enjoy walking around the city.