Company Highlights From 2016


As we move into 2017, we wanted to give our customers a look back at some of our biggest highlights of 2016. We hope you enjoy taking an behind the scenes look at our busy and productive year!  We are already looking forward at what we will have to highlight at the end of this new year.

10.  Advanced Tower Climbing Safety & Rescue Certification

After completing an intense Tower Safety and Rescue class, we have multiple crews available for tower work that includes, but not limited to equipment installation, maintenance and emergency response.  If that wasn’t enough, our field crew and management team completed the American Red Cross training in First Aid, CPR and AED.

9. Initial Deployment of New Wireless Equipment

With the addition of new tower sites, researching and deploying new equipment and technology has allowed us to bring higher speeds, more bandwidth and increased reliability to our customers. The deployment of this equipment is continuing daily and we are excited for the what we have planned for the near future due to the equipment upgrades.

8. Ivanhoe Tower Site Goes Live

While its always exciting when a new tower site is developed, this site in particular brought extra excitement as it expanded our footprint further north.  New towers give us increased capacity, help offload existing towers and in this case, expanded our reach to serve new areas.

7. One Wilshire Data Center DDoS  Filtering Appliance Installed

We are always trying to find ways to improve the quality and reliability of the Internet service we provide to our customers.  By placing a DDoS filtering appliance at one of the largest data centers in the country, we accomplished a major goal by protecting our customers from future DDoS attacks.

6. Introducing Hosted Voice Service

Adding Hosted Voice to our repertoire was something that we felt was greatly needed in our area for several reasons. We had been providing residential VoIP services for several years, but it wasn’t the best solution for larger business with more advanced communication needs.  We were happy to announce this year that Hosted Voice was the answer to our business clients needs. We are the only company in the area that offers this service.

5. Company Expansion & Growth

In May, we finally out grew our current office location. We decided it would be best to move our field operations department to another facility that offered more office space, storage space and parking for our service vehicles. Added to the benefits of more space for our field department, it allowed us to remodel our main office to add more staff in our customer service, accounting and consulting departments.

4. OACYS Recognized by City Of Porterville

OACYS Technology had the honor of receiving the Outstanding Business Award in November which was presented by the City of Porterville. We strive to keep pace with the ever changing world of technological advancements in the wireless industry but remain committed to providing the small, local relations with our customers and communities that are often lost in larger cities and organizations.

3. Increased Capacity to Tower Sites

Major upgrades took place at several tower sites in the past year that have increased the capacity to main tower locations. These upgrades have helped keep pace with the bandwidth increases and growing customer count. Coupled with new tower locations, equipment and now increased capacity at our tower locations, plans are already taking place to deliver higher speeds and more bandwidth to our customers.

2. New Tower Built in Terra Bella

Perhaps the largest project we took on in 2016, we completed construction for our new tower site on Tennessee Knob in Terra Bella. This new tower location has delivered improved signal quality, capacity and stability to the southern foot print in our service area.  It also serves as a major offloading site for our Porterville towers, which in return, improved the capacity and stability to our customers in the Porterville and surrounding areas.

1.  New Owners for OACYS Technology

Finally, we reach the biggest story of the year. The real story of the new ownership is not what we accomplished, but rather the vision we have for 2017 and beyond.  2016 was a great year, but most of these accomplishments are stepping stones and building blocks for what we have in mind for the future.  As a team, we are thrilled with what we plan to accomplish in the new year, which will continue to raise the bar for services we offer to our customers.  2016 was a great ride, but we are just getting started so stay tuned for more exciting news and announcements to come!