OACYS Technology was founded in 1982 as Olson Computer Services (“OCS”) to provide business solutions using personal computers. During the ensuing decade the focus grew to include hardware and software sales, local-area networking, and custom programming. In 1995 OCS became the community’s first Internet service provider using a single server, a bank of twenty 2400-baud modems, and a 384K frame relay circuit.

OACYS network operation centers today house several dozens of computers. Service is provided to approximately 3,000 customers over an area covering 3,000 square miles, using dialup, wireless, and tier-one fiber. Customer loyalty is high and the attrition rate is extremely low. In terms of rural service by independent operators, these statistics are significant.

As use of the Internet grew toward the end of the millennium and the importance of broadband began to emerge, OACYS efforts to pioneer local DSL were increasingly obstructed by the dominant telco infrastructure. In 1999 a critical decision was made to “go wireless,” and company vision again proved its prescience. OACYS today dominates a niche market that provides reliable high-speed wireless Internet service to rural communities that have broad quality-of-life appeal and are growing, yet are nevertheless below the radar of mainstream broadband providers.

OACYS revenue and staffing has increased by nearly twenty times in as many years, and is growing now at a much faster pace due to local and regional economics and migration trends.

The company still functions casually – employees set their own schedules to coordinate flex-time with family activities, providing only that company responsibilities are maintained. No one at OACYS has ever been laid off due to economic cycles, and no payday has ever been missed. Pay and benefits are commensurate with the demographics of the community – it would require approximately 1.5-to-2 times the average OCS pay to live and work in larger cities (see also Google search for “cost of living calculators”). And unlike many companies in smaller communities, OACYS offers both health care and 401K retirement plans.

The lifestyle in Porterville is small-town to rural, and blue jeans are considered normal business attire from staff to CEO. At the same time the community is hardly a Sleepy Hollow — it is actually one of the fastest growing small towns in the state and the economic outlook is bright and certainly exciting for OACYS. In the Internet business, it doesn’t really matter where you’re located.

The company’s potential for all – owners, staff, and community – is substantial. Long-term plans are to continue extending our wireless network, building further wireless communities, and continue increasing the company’s value. Investor options are always under review, but employee pride is considered the best approach to building a significant and lasting institution in our community with benefit to all.

All employment information is current as of January 27, 2021 and is subject to change without notice. No job offers or contracts or agreements are implied by any information provided herein.