Managed Routers Now Available!

RoutersWe get several questions from customers about routers – Wireless G, N, AC, Gigabit, Wired – what do I need for quality Wi-Fi in our home? DSL Modem? Cable Modem? Are those compatible with your service?  These are just some of the common questions we are asked by potential and existing customers.

For years, we have taken the approach that the customer should have the option to purchase the router they felt would best serve their needs. While we were happy to offer suggestions, and spend time discussing options based off their needs, ultimately the choice was left to the customer.  Then while onsite installing our wireless Internet service, our technicians would offer to configure the router and help connect all the devices to ensure each device was able to get online.

If a customer calls in with a problem, we are quickly able to troubleshoot the connection down to the radio on the customer rooftop, but if the problem is with the customer router or in-house wireless it can be more difficult to identify among the variety of router makes and models, and what limited troubleshooting info those provide.  We want to go that extra mile and ensure the service we provide can work all the way out to the devices spread across the home.

Our solution? We are now offering Managed Routers to all of our customers! What makes our routers different than the Netgear or Linksys router you can find at Wal Mart or Target? For starters, we are offering this router at a low monthly charge rather than needing to spend well over $50 for a high-end router that doesn’t include configuration or advanced support and troubleshooting. Our technicians will deliver and configure these routers for you and make sure all the devices in home are able to connect. This eliminates the question of what router to purchase as we guarantee service compatibility as these routers are optimized specifically for our service.

And as a major benefit our Managed Router options allow troubleshooting visibility into your home network which allows us to see each device connecting to the router. This provides detailed information about signal strength to each device, advanced troubleshooting for dropped connections and a faster resolution for other internal network issues, to ensure we can provide the best assistance possible with any performance problem. On top of that, if the managed router we are providing fails and needs to be replaced, we will configure and replace it for you for free.

We are excited to be able to offer this to all of our customers as it will give us a powerful tool to ensure your home network is preforming the way you would expect. When problems do arise, faster solutions will be provided and we no longer have to recommend you purchase an expensive router to replace the one that is giving you problems!

For more information about this service and how it can benefit you, give us a call at (559)781-4123 or email us at customerservice@oacys.com and a customer service representative will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

OACYS Celebrates 35 Years of Business

Company Timeline

Event: OACYS 35th Anniversary Party

Where: OACYS Technology | 767 N. Porter Rd. Porterville, CA

When: Friday October 20th, 2017 | 11:00am to 1:00pm

What to Expect: Join us for free lunch, drinks, giveaways and raffle prizes and help us celebrate our 35th Anniversary!

We look forward to hosting friends, families, old and new customers, along with everyone else that would like to join the OACYS team as we celebrate an amazing 35 year journey. With events such as this one, we like to look back at some of the milestones that were accomplished within the organization and community.

1982 – Business Opens – Originally known as Olson Computer Services, business began 1982, marking 2017 as our 35th year serving the central valley.  As the computer business was barely in its infancy stages, OCS was specializing in agricultural payroll and accounting software. As the years and needs began to change, OCS continued to adapt to the latest technology and provide solutions for the needs of our local communities.

1995 – Local Dialup Offered – When the opportunity presented itself to establish Porterville’s first ISP, we didn’t hesitate. In 1995, when the nearest Internet connection was a 300-mile toll call away, OACYS pioneered the community’s first local Internet service.

2001 – High Speed Wireless Internet – The demand for faster Internet was increasing, and at the time DSL was the only option for those who were in range to get it. In 2001, OACYS introduced high-speed broadband to the area without the need for phone lines while providing faster speeds than DSL and service to areas not within the reach of DSL.

2006 – VoIP Phone Service – In 2006, we took our great customer service that our Internet subscribers were accustomed to and applied it to providing home phone service.  We became the first local Voice-over-IP service provider by offering phone service to our subscriber base.  We provided true local numbers, unlimited local and long distance calling with quality customer service at a much lower price than traditional phone lines.

2012 – Managed IT Services – OACYS was providing consulting to businesses for networking, hardware, and IT solutions since the early years of the company, but in 2012 we leveraged this experience to offer a solution with 24×7 proactive monitoring, security patching, and compliance assistance.  We’ve continued to grow our team of IT engineers to help our customers focus on their primary business while we worry about their network and computers.

2014 – Wireless Bandwidth Priority System – In December 2014, we announced the exciting results of a project that had been in long development at OACYS that eliminated overage fees and replaced them with a guideline priority system. Subscribers who keep bandwidth usage below their plan-type guidelines are ensured priority Internet access during peak usage times – similar to having access to the car pool lane during freeway rush hour traffic.

2017 – 35th Anniversary – We’ve all come a very long way over the past 35 years and we couldn’t have done it without such a terrific team here at OACYS Technology, or without so many loyal and supportive long-time customers. Our thanks and heartfelt appreciation is extended to each and every one of you! While it’s fun to look back at all that we have accomplished, it’s even more exciting to look forward to our current plans that we have in the works, both in the near and long term future!

Protect Yourself From Phishing Scams

errorscript_co_pop-upLately our office has received several phone calls from customers regarding pop-ups or warnings on their computers urging them to call a phone number due to a possible infection. These messages are crafted to appear as coming from legitimate organizations such as Microsoft. The truth however, is that these pop-ups are fake and simply attempting to coax a user in to calling a phone number in hopes of either monetary gain or infection. Typically these messages appear as a pop-up or advertisement on a computer that has no malware and will reference the name of the Internet Service Provider being used or other details that are easily found online. Additionally, we recommend never calling a phone number for help without verifying who you are calling.

Once the phone number is called a user is connected to a “support technician” who will ask to remotely connect to the user’s computer. This is done via a download and once completed the remote party is able to view and control the computer. After connecting the support technician will often times show several errors or infections, emphasizing the need to clean the computer. At this point a payment is usually demanded by the support technician to proceed, with fees having been reported as high as $500 in one instance. It is important to note that the technical support agent is fake and is simply attempting to scam a user in to paying, with no guarantee of removing any real infection. There is also the risk of further infection from the software used to initiate the remote session as it may contain malicious software as well. At this point a true system cleanup is required, costing the user even more.

You may ask yourself how do I protect myself from phishing scams such as this? The answer is good browsing habits, not opening emails/attachments from unknown senders, updating your computer and software, and an active anti-virus solution. At OACYS Technology we have a team of experienced technicians that can not only help identify phishing scams, but also help provide recommendations and software to keep your system from infection. Feel free to give our office a call at 559-781-4123 if you would like further information or need help in getting protected.

Protection from Ransomware like Wanna Cry


There have been many news headlines in the last week about the latest ransomware called WannaCrypt, aka “WannaCry.”  This new malware drew a lot of attention with how quickly it spread using a newly discovered software bug.

So, you probably wonder, how did this malware infect and spread through so many computers to cause these headlines?  If a user opened a phishing e-mail with an infected attachment the malware would encrypt files and make them unusable until a ransom was paid.  Then the malware would also spread the same infection through any computers it could reach over the local network or Internet that weren’t patched.

This malware used a vulnerability found by the NSA in Windows 7, 8, 10, server editions and even Win XP.  However, details of the vulnerability were leaked and used to create this malware.  Microsoft was informed of the bug and released updates in March before this malware was spread, but many computers were not updated and were still vulnerable last week when this malware was spreading rapidly.  If the bug didn’t have a patch available this situation could have been much worse.

The big question to ask yourself is how do you keep the next ransomware outbreak from affecting you or your company?  Protection can include backups, antivirus, intrusion prevention, updates, firewalling and several others.  You want to make sure you have the right combination of tools for your situation, including checks that ensure that protection is active and up-to-date.  If backups stop working or antivirus updates stop downloading you need to know before there is a problem.

At OACYS Technology, we can help you make sure your systems are protected and monitored.  We have a team of technicians experienced in the tools necessary to give you confidence in your IT security setup, so you can focus on your main business.  Whether you’re interested in a Managed IT service where OACYS provides the full solution and monitoring, or in other IT Consulting from our team to get you started, we are here to help.  Give us a call at 559-781-4123 to get your office protected.

Company Highlights From 2016


As we move into 2017, we wanted to give our customers a look back at some of our biggest highlights of 2016. We hope you enjoy taking an behind the scenes look at our busy and productive year!  We are already looking forward at what we will have to highlight at the end of this new year.

10.  Advanced Tower Climbing Safety & Rescue Certification

After completing an intense Tower Safety and Rescue class, we have multiple crews available for tower work that includes, but not limited to equipment installation, maintenance and emergency response.  If that wasn’t enough, our field crew and management team completed the American Red Cross training in First Aid, CPR and AED.

9. Initial Deployment of New Wireless Equipment

With the addition of new tower sites, researching and deploying new equipment and technology has allowed us to bring higher speeds, more bandwidth and increased reliability to our customers. The deployment of this equipment is continuing daily and we are excited for the what we have planned for the near future due to the equipment upgrades.

8. Ivanhoe Tower Site Goes Live

While its always exciting when a new tower site is developed, this site in particular brought extra excitement as it expanded our footprint further north.  New towers give us increased capacity, help offload existing towers and in this case, expanded our reach to serve new areas.

7. One Wilshire Data Center DDoS  Filtering Appliance Installed

We are always trying to find ways to improve the quality and reliability of the Internet service we provide to our customers.  By placing a DDoS filtering appliance at one of the largest data centers in the country, we accomplished a major goal by protecting our customers from future DDoS attacks.

6. Introducing Hosted Voice Service

Adding Hosted Voice to our repertoire was something that we felt was greatly needed in our area for several reasons. We had been providing residential VoIP services for several years, but it wasn’t the best solution for larger business with more advanced communication needs.  We were happy to announce this year that Hosted Voice was the answer to our business clients needs. We are the only company in the area that offers this service.

5. Company Expansion & Growth

In May, we finally out grew our current office location. We decided it would be best to move our field operations department to another facility that offered more office space, storage space and parking for our service vehicles. Added to the benefits of more space for our field department, it allowed us to remodel our main office to add more staff in our customer service, accounting and consulting departments.

4. OACYS Recognized by City Of Porterville

OACYS Technology had the honor of receiving the Outstanding Business Award in November which was presented by the City of Porterville. We strive to keep pace with the ever changing world of technological advancements in the wireless industry but remain committed to providing the small, local relations with our customers and communities that are often lost in larger cities and organizations.

3. Increased Capacity to Tower Sites

Major upgrades took place at several tower sites in the past year that have increased the capacity to main tower locations. These upgrades have helped keep pace with the bandwidth increases and growing customer count. Coupled with new tower locations, equipment and now increased capacity at our tower locations, plans are already taking place to deliver higher speeds and more bandwidth to our customers.

2. New Tower Built in Terra Bella

Perhaps the largest project we took on in 2016, we completed construction for our new tower site on Tennessee Knob in Terra Bella. This new tower location has delivered improved signal quality, capacity and stability to the southern foot print in our service area.  It also serves as a major offloading site for our Porterville towers, which in return, improved the capacity and stability to our customers in the Porterville and surrounding areas.

1.  New Owners for OACYS Technology

Finally, we reach the biggest story of the year. The real story of the new ownership is not what we accomplished, but rather the vision we have for 2017 and beyond.  2016 was a great year, but most of these accomplishments are stepping stones and building blocks for what we have in mind for the future.  As a team, we are thrilled with what we plan to accomplish in the new year, which will continue to raise the bar for services we offer to our customers.  2016 was a great ride, but we are just getting started so stay tuned for more exciting news and announcements to come!

OACYS DoS Filtering Appliance Installed

new-piktochart_16809125_58fe6df4cfe547504573fb86159b6ae3a0859a61We are always trying to find ways to improve the quality and reliability of the Internet service we provide to our customers.  One of the areas that has appeared to be out of reach for improvement has been protection of customers from connection problems when one customer is targeted by a denial of service attack… until now.  These DoS attacks have been infrequent, but OACYS believes it is important to protect all customers from attacks targeting the few.

Denial of service attacks are intended to make a target Internet connection unusable, whether it is a server on the web or an end-user.   This typically occurs through many malicious sources working in unison to overload the target with illegitimate Internet traffic.  A recent example of a DoS attack in the news is the attack against DynDNS in October that limited access to Paypal, Netflix, Twitter, and others.

OACYS engineers worked for a few months on setting up and bench testing a server appliance that could be used to filter attacks closer to the source.   In the second week of November we installed that DoS mitigation appliance at One Wilshire in Los Angeles, one of the most well-connected data centers on the west coast.  That box is now connected with much more bandwidth than is available on the fiber connections to our headquarters in Porterville.  This allows the traffic to be filtered for attacks in a cost-effective manner before being sent down the connection toward our customers.

One week after the appliance was installed we detected two separate attacks.  As we hoped, the live attack was blocked by the new appliance and network connections running through our fiber circuit from One Wilshire were protected (and not impaired).  Soon after the attack started we also re-routed the other upstream circuits through One Wilshire to protect all user traffic.  Now we are negotiating with our other upstream providers to get into their data centers or bring higher bandwidth connections to our headquarters to help mitigate these attacks, and by doing so provide a more reliable connection to our customers.

Office Remodeling in Progress

Over the past several years, OACYS Technology has built towers, upgraded wireless equipment, increased our staff, added vehicles to our fleet and upgraded or added many other components to our wireless infrastructure.  Many of these upgrades can’t be physically seen by our customer base, but the upgrades can often be felt through increased reliability, speeds and bandwidth.  While it is our primary focus to continually reinvest in our network operations and will improve performance, occasionally we take the time to give a face lift to our office and work space for our employees.

If you have been in our office the past couple of days, the sound of hammering, the buzzing of a saw and the smell of paint has most likely been noticeable.  The recent purchase of the company, by Ryan & Joslyn Walker, has set this main office remodel in motion.  In 2014 we gave the office exterior a much needed upgrade with new wood facing and a fresh coat of paint.  In 2015 we gave the large lighted pole sign a new look as well as adding eye-popping signage along the eastern face of the building.  Finally in 2016, we are expanding the office to accommodate more staff as well as giving the interior a fresh new look.

We hope you can excuse the noise and dust while we finish this phase of remodeling. We promise the new look will be worth it! Not only will it bring the office a new look, but with a more comfortable work area and added work space for additional employees, it will allow our staff the room to continue to grow comfortably and continue to provide our customers with the great customer service and support you have all become accustomed too.

OACYS Receives Outstanding Business Award


Last night, OACYS Technology had the honor of receiving the Outstanding Business Award presented by the City of Porterville.  Needless to say, this was a very exciting night for everyone involved and the timing of the nomination couldn’t have been better.  As you all know by now, ownership has recently changed hands — a passing of the guard so to speak — as Ryan and Josyln Walker purchased OACYS from co-founders Ted and Asih Olson.  Being honored by the city of Porterville, where OACYS planted its roots some 35 years ago, speaks volumes to dedication, visions and hard work that everyone at OACYS has put forth over the years.  While the current group of employees, business owners, both new and old, accepted this honor last night, it wouldn’t have been possible without the work of all those that have come and gone over the years who were part of the OACYS family.  More importantly, this award would not have been possible without our loyal customers that have we have been so honored to provide service to all these years.

Technology has changed over the years, sometimes it feels like daily, but the one thing that has not changed is the effort that OACYS puts on customer service. We strive to keep pace with the ever changing world of technological advancements in the wireless industry but remain committed to providing the small, local relations with our customers and communities that are often lost in larger cities and organizations.  Our doors and ears have remained open to our customers over the years and because of this, because of the way our customers have accepted the way we go about our business, we feel like you are the reason why we have been awarded with this honor.  We are forever grateful to our customers, both new and old, and will continue to strive to serve you the best we can.

Ted and Asih have laid the ground work for a vision of providing internet and related services to Porterville and surrounding areas and the Walkers, as well as all the employees at OACYS Technology, look forward to building on that ground work.  These are exciting times at OACYS and we look forward to the projects we have planned for our communities.  From continuing to build out our wireless network, improve speeds and bandwidth to the user end, to continue increasing our Hosted Voice and Managed IT services to local business, OACYS is excited for our future, but even more excited for what we have planned for both current and future customers.

Our OACYS family and team would once again like to thank the City of Porterville for this honor, and most of all, our customers!


OACYS Looks North to Extend Coverage Area


Recent expansion to the south end of Tulare County was completed and now OACYS is excited to extend our coverage area towards the northern end of the county! As we continue to move north, we are dedicated to providing the same reliable high speed Internet to these new coverage areas that our existing customers has come to expect and experience from us. Furthermore, this new tower site will continue to help increase bandwidth available to our existing customers in the area, along with improved signal strength.

To see if you are now in our expanded coverage area, please contact us at sales@oacys.com or reach us at the office (559)781-4123.

New Owners for OACYS Technology

walkersOctober 1st, 2016 marks the end of one era and the exciting beginning for another. OACYS, also known as OCSNET and Olson Computer Services, has been sold to long time employee Ryan Walker. Ted and Asih Olson are officially retired after spending 34 years at the helm of OACYS. Ryan, along with his wife Joslyn, are excited to continue in our well-known reputation for great customer service and knowledgeable technical support.

Ryan was recently quoted as saying “we have a superb and committed team of managers, technicians and support staff at OACYS and we are looking forward to continuing and improving on our long-running tradition of quality local support for our reliable Internet, Voice and IT related services. In the past couple years we have added several new towers and relay sites, and have several more of these projects and other upgrades planned to better serve our existing wireless Internet quality Internet may not be available. The staff, my wife and I all look forward to the challenges we face as we continue to improve our services and network.”

The staff is excited for all the new ideas, continued service improvements and advancements Ryan is looking to bring to our customers in the surrounding communities as the new CEO of OACYS Technology.